Cecotec 5044 Ergo Power 2400W Bag-Free Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner


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If you’re looking for powerful and easy-to-use vacuum cleaners, we present to you the Cecotec 5044 E… rgo Power 2400W Bag-Free Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner! Bag and cable free 3-in-1 cyclone broom vacuum cleaner: upright vacuum cleaner, handleld vacuum cleaner and broom vacuum Lithium-ion battery: 25.9 V (equivalent suction power of 2400 W) Battery life: 45 minutes (half-charged) Swivel arm: Can reach hard-to-reach places Turbo and Eco modes: Maximise power and save energy 3 operating modes: Turbo Mode: maximise suction power; ECO Mode: prolongs the battery life and saves energy; Motorised brush OFF Mode Cepillo motorizado rotativo desmontable: Arrastra la suciedad más difícil incrustada en moquetas y alfombras Detachable motorised brush: Get rid of the most worn-in dirt Silent Animal Care: Great for animal hair LED light (to detect the smallest bits of dirt) HEPA filter: Purifies the air, capable of retaining 99.9 % of allergens Capacity: 0.8L 2 accessories: corners and furniture Collapsible and with parking position Approx. dimensions: 24 x 16 x 114 cm

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