Veezos Premium Reusable Drinking Straws


Play your part in the global fight against plastic and use Veezos reusable drinking straws that are 100% eco-friendly and can be easily washed with cleaning brushes that are included in the kit. Each set contains 8 straws in two different colors and sizes. Everything can be placed in a storage bag to ensure that straws remain clean and free from germs. Sip your smoothie or coffee easily using Veezos drinking straws and carry them everywhere you go so that you can say goodbye to plastic straws.

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ECO-FRIENDLY- Reusable drinking straws designed to help reduce millions of plastic waste and pollution sent into landfills and oceans worldwide.

SAFE- Metal straws made from FDA-Approved food grade non-toxic stainless steel with no chemical or metallic taste.

TWO SIZES & COLOURS – Contains 4 silver straws: 215mm in length/ 6mm diameter & 4 rainbow straws: 241mm in length/ 6mm diameter.

SLEEK DESIGN- Smooth round design, extremely comfortable for you drinking. Suitable for children and adults. Perfect for your 20oz tumblers, smoothies, hot beverages, cold drinks, fruit juices, milk, sodas coffee, tea, water and any fizzy drinks. Suitable for families, parties, outdoor activities, office use and more

EASY TO CLEAN- Simply clean by hand or in the dishwasher and to make this even easier we have included two cleaning brushes.

“Recommended by Dentists as opposed to sipping from glasses and cups, in order to preserve & reduce staining of teeth”

“They are safe with no chemical or metallic taste, our straws are economically friendly, reusable & help to reducing plastic waste”

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